Bourbon Berry

Bourbon Berry’s delicious combination of luscious blackberries, perfectly ripe blueberries and Kentucky Bourbon, is the perfect match for full-flavored tangy cheeses like gouda, cashel blue, or comptè. Or consider Bourbon Berry as the star of a festive brunch, as a decadent topping for French Toast, crepes or pancakes

Cranberry Cherry Cabernet

Cranberry Cherry Cabernet’s wonderful combination of cranberries, sour cherries, and a splash of cabernet sauvignon, is the perfect companion for Holiday Entertaining. Wonderful covering a log of fresh chevre, or accompanying a baked brie, it’s a delicious festive addition to any cheese board. Cranberry Cherry Cabernet is memorable on a turkey sandwich.

Lemon Pear with Lemon Verbena

Luscious sweet pears, bright lemons, and aromatic lemon verbena match perfectly with a robust blue cheese, sharp aged pecorino or bloomy triple crème. A delicious surprise tucked into a grilled cheese sandwich, or served simply with roast chicken of pork.