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Bonnie's Jams Gift Card

Bonnie's Jams Gift Card

Give the gift of Bonnie's Jams! Let your friends and family choose between our small batch, artisan jams and our carefully curated gift sets. There's something for everyone!

Once a gift card is purchased, you will receive an email with your gift code redeemable in our online store. 

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What Makes Bonnie’s Jams Different?

Experience the simplicity of our jams, crafted in small batches from ripe fruit and a hint of sugar. With no added pectin, the true flavors shine through, perfectly complementing artisan cheeses. Welcome to our elegant world of Bonnie.

  • Twice the Fruit

  • Half the Sugar

  • Made for Pairing

  • Black and blue has lots of meanings. But from Ms. Shershow’s kitchen, the intense jam by that name is among the most alluring of the 10 flavors she produces.

  • These preserves are old school: Perfectly ripened fruit is simmered with sugar and fresh lemon juice, then poured into jars, capped and turned upside down, no additives required. My fave? Peach Ginger.

  • Bonnie's Jams turns your childhood favorite into an epic jam that's basically summer in a jar. Use it with abandon.

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