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"These preserves are old school: Perfectly ripened fruit is simmered with sugar and fresh lemon juice, then poured into jars, capped and turned upside down, no additives required. My fave? Peach Ginger."

— Oprah

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 A Taste of Summer


Black and blue has lots of meanings. But from Ms. Shershow’s kitchen, the intense jam by that name is among the most alluring of the 10 flavors she produces.

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Bonnie's Jams turns your childhood favorite into an epic jam that's basically summer in a jar. Use it with abandon.

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These may be summer fruits, but this mouthwatering spread is tasty all year long. Perfect for glazing on turkey or pairing with peanut butter, this gift just keeps on giving. 

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New England's Finest: In Good Taste


Bonnie Shershow uses minimal sugar and no pectin in her intensely fruity spreads.

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Her inspiration for the line was her childhood growing up in a house surrounded by acres of citrus trees. She helped her mom gather the fruit and make jams as a hobby. The business idea grew from there and became an instant hit with buyers and the national media, including Oprah magazine, The New York Times, and Food + Wine

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Jam Master Bonnie

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Bonnie's Jams and Chocolate Cheese

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