Cypress Grove Chèvre + Bonnie's Jams: A Pairing Primer Cypress Grove Chèvre + Bonnie's Jams: A Pairing Primer

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Cypress Grove Chèvre + Bonnie's Jams: A Pairing Primer

Ah, summer: those long hours of daylight, clear skies, and balmy temperatures put us in the mood for kicking back with friends and family— usually around a table!

In anticipation of these happy seasonal gatherings, we think everyone should have a few go-to tricks to help keep things more fun than frantic. For a fail-safe start to any fête, we turn to the tried-and-true combination of fromage and fruit—dressed up just a little bit for the occasion. Enter: the elevated cheese plate.

Whether you're hosting or attending; casual or fancy; eating brunch, dinner, or anything in between, Cypress Grove Chèvre paired alongside Bonnie's Jams makes an elegant starter... or a satisfying solo snack! 

With a little help from our friends at Culture: The Word on Cheese, we've done the painstaking work of creating a Pairing Primer. The good news? There's nary a bad match in the bunch. If pressed though, we'll gladly share our most coveted combinations:


Cypress Grove Chèvre Fromage Blanc + Bonnie's Jams Apricot Orange 


The juicy sweetness of Apricot and subtle bitterness of Orange shine nicely against a semi-tart canvas of Fromage Blanc. Our tasters had a tough time coming to a consensus here though: all of the jams were very well suited to pair!

Culture was also kind enough to share their recipe for a delicious Fromage Blanc Cheesecake. A dollop of jam on top makes this dessert almost too pretty to eat... almost!

Image via Culture: The Word on Cheese


Cypress Grove Chèvre Ms. Natural + Bonnie's Jams Black & Blue

This sweet berry-blend jam pairs well with the clean tanginess of Ms. Natural, reminding some tasters of a blueberry blintz or cheesecake! The combination would make a great filling for crepes or waffles, too.


Cypress Grove Chèvre Humboldt Fog + Bonnie's Jams Red Pepper Jelly

A little spice pairs well with Humboldt Fog's mellow creaminess, while the spicy-sweetness of Red Pepper helps draw out savory notes in the cheese, as well as a subtle vegetal flavor. This cheese is bold yet mellow, and plays well with other strong flavors.


Cypress Groves Chèvre Truffle Tremor + Bonnie's Jams Nuts & Honey

 This earthy, umami-laced cheese is perfectly complemented by rustic-style honey and nuts. One taster described this combination as "a lovely woodland romp". 


Cypress Grove Chèvre Midnight Moon + Bonnie's Jams Raspberry Lime Rickey

Strong citrusy notes in our Raspberry Lime Rickey perfectly match the sweet and creamy -almost buttery- Midnight Moon


Cypress Grove Chèvre Lamb Chopper + Bonnie's Jams Peach Ginger

The very mild "sheepiness" is simultaneously mellowed by peach and livened by a zing of ginger. Buttery notes in the cheese are able to shine against this zippy jam. "I can't stop eating this!" exclaimed one taster.


The bottom line: no matter which pairing you prefer, there's something here for everyone to enjoy... and we think that alone is cause for celebration! 


 All cheese images via Cypress Grove Chèvre.

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