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Jammy Baked Apples

The weather in Boston turned cold suddenly.  I was under the happy illusion that we would continue with balmy summery days.  Until now.  So with apples at the farmer’s markets and a move towards baking mixing up some concoction to bake my haul from the market was a natural.  And with jam on hand and my love of tree nuts I came up with a delicious sweet and warm baked apple.

Raspberry Lime Martini

A little decadence is a good thing. Keeps life interesting. But when I think about jam that word does not come into play. Until now.

Jam Filled Muffins

I love surprises. Let me change that.  I love good surprises.  And when a surprise is food related I can’t say enough to cheer about it. 

Delicious Raspberry Crostata

A crostata is one of the easiest —yet most impressive— desserts. In Italy, a crostata is served in the morning with coffee and sometimes at the end of the day for a late afternoon sugary lift.

Naan Pizza with Bonnie's Apricot Orange Jam

I love getting great recipes that use my jams as ingredients!

Roast Duck with Black & Blue Jam Sauce

This recipe reminds me of a Danish dish with lingonberries. Duck seems to demand sweetness and this Black & Blue jam adds a little complexity that works well when the duck is all crispy.

Bitter + Sweet Salad

I made a sublime salad last night – try it!